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Rumor Patrol-Volume 1

Kate Middleton has never held down a job.

Kate Middleton is lazy.

Kate Middleton is workshy. 

Kate Middleton is a freeloader. 


The Duchess of Cambridge has been criticized for years about her work history or supposed lack thereof. This criticism has been brought into her current life as a royal as well. Although I can do nothing about people’s opinions of Catherine, I find it hard to sit by idly as many spread blatant lies about her. Dislike her if you want, but please don’t do so based on misguided, non-factual information. 

As many of you well know, Catherine Middleton graduated from St. Andrews University in 2005 with a 2:1 MA(honors) in History of Art. Following her graduation, she attempted to form her own small business selling high end infant and children’s clothing. This venture turned out to be a bust as one of her larger investors pulled out of the project, leaving her financially unable to continue on.

Undeterred by the setback, Kate reportedly went on to look for other opportunities. Her choice of degree and lack of graduate study proved to be a hindrance in her search for employment within the field. She was unemployed for over a year while looking for an appropriate position. In late 2006, she was offered a position as an assistant accessories buyer for British retail chain Jigsaw, which she accepted. 

It is completely true that her position at Jigsaw was part-time. There are many rumors surrounding the reason why she was only part-time, including one that states she didn’t really want to work at all and was only doing it to improve her image. It is my personal opinion that she worked part-time due to her relationship with Prince William. She worked for Jigsaw from late 2006-2008. 

In 2008, it was reported that Kate had resigned from her position with the clothing chain and had decided to pursue her photography career. From 2008-2011, she was employed with her family’s company Party Pieces doing work as a photographer, as well as contributing to their marketing needs and developing catalog layouts. She was also responsible for starting a new division of the company, First Birthdays, which catered to parties for babies. She also played an integral role in developing a partnership between Party Pieces and the charity Starlight Children’s Foundation, which hosts parties and distributes party bags to children with serious medical conditions in hospitals around the UK. 

She was married to Prince William in April of 2011 and became a full-fledged member of the royal family. Since her marriage, she has taken a tour with her husband, attended several high profile functions and chosen four official charities for which she will serve as patron. Many people have criticized the Duchess for her lack of work ethic, which I find to be completely ridiculous. Catherine is ONLY a royal due to her marriage, and therefore, doesn’t really have the ability to strike out on her own and do whatever she wants. William is technically a senior royal due to his proximity to the crown, however, he is focused on his military career which absolves him from taking on the role of a working royal for the time being. As his wife, Catherine is bound to his status. Since he is not a full time working royal, she’s not either. 

Catherine has had a full working life. She worked before her engagement and she’s working now. She may not be working as much as many would like now that she’s a royal, however, that criticism would be more fairly placed on William, in my opinion. It would be wise to remember that Catherine’s main role (however backwards it may be) is to provide an heir and to be a support to her husband. When William decides that the time is right to become a working royal, Catherine will follow suit.